Does Anyone Know What’s Important?

What a week… been talking about politics!  Yuck…must be the most

The western front of the United States Capitol...

The western front of the United States Capitol. The Capitol serves as the seat of government for the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. It is located in Washington, D.C.

irritating subject in the world. The reason for me that it is an awful subject is that I feel like there are very few in politics that can be taken seriously. Just when you think there is someone then they do something that just makes you scratch your head. You can’t believe what they do. There is so much propaganda flying around … how in the world do you make a solid productive decision about who you will vote for. I am so disgusted with the whole mud-slinging thing that goes on during election times.

I wish that the governmental bodies in Washington functioned as part-time jobs.  If the  senators held jobs other than their job in Washington then they would be more connected with the real world and would be less likely to waste time when doing the governmental job. If they were insured like every other person and had to think about their retirement the same as every other person in the USA then they would have a totally different perspective.

I believe that the statement made by Warren Buffett about Congress persons not being able to be reelected if the budget was not balanced. If it were that way, then I truly believe they would work together harder to accomplish what is needed. Where is their accountability?

It is discouraging to think that it makes very little difference who gets elected for the presidency since if the Republicans and Democrats can’t work together then how can a president accomplish anything good for our country.

It is strange to me that there are so many rules in the income tax book…they say it is longer than the bible! I believe they need to simplify…simplify… simplify!! If they lowered the amount of tax% required but then no matter your income you all paid the same it would be much better.  That’s one opinion.

My daughter said the middle class is disappearing. It should be the largest group in the US but the effects of the recession seems to have hit them the hardest. The very poor are doing very little different from what they have been doing to survive. They are living within their budget…or are avoiding it. They have no choice in the matter. The middle class probably are the worst offenders at living beyond their budgets. This made them most likely to fail because living beyond their budget makes a weak link in their financial structure.

The corruption and lack of morals makes me crazy!  I wish there was an awakening.

I know this post is just a way for me to voice my frustration and I think I have lots of company. I am always amazed when I hear what a small percentage of people vote. I’ve talked to a few who say they aren’t voting because they say there aren’t any good choices…they don’t want anyone on the ballot.

I find it very hard to decide how to vote but I will continue to search out what is absolutely verifiable about the candidates and  cast my vote. We can’t complain and not do what we can to have an effect on the government. I hate it that some people get elected because they are the lesser evil. There is something totally wrong about that picture.

Do you know even when I try to not listen to all the news reports out there, every once in a while. something will sneak through and freak me out! Yesterday I heard the congressman from GA in a town meeting say that 78-80 members of congress are communists. I can’t quote him since it’s been quoted so many different ways. That’s why I just want to plug my ears and not hear anything because so many claims are hard or impossible to validate. It’s just clutter! I think their main goal is to cause confusion.

I know that this should not be a personality contest but many times I think that is what happens.

Our country is in such a state that it is so important what happens. I will definitely be praying for wisdom to know what to do and do all the research I can. Seems  there is nothing simple in this world but even though I’m discouraged… I will never give up. What seems important is to work at this thing and do our part to sift through all the information and GO VOTE!! We don’t keep our freedoms by doing nothing!

Thanks for listening  and giving me a chance to get some things off my chest!!

Stop by again and leave your comments… let’s share our frustration or our clarity..there must be some out there somewhere!! I’m still looking…

Thanks again,


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