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18000 Men @ Camp Dodge During World War I

Camp Dodge is a military installation in the city of JohnstonIowa. Centrally located near the capitol of Iowa, it currently serves as the headquarters of the Iowa National Guard. Original construction of the post began in 1907, to provide a place for the National Guard units to train.[1] In 1917, the installation was handed over to national authorities and greatly expanded to become a regional training center for forces to participate in the First World War.[2]Upon the end of the war, the post was downsized and turned back over to state authorities.[3] Similarly, with the outbreak of Second World War, Camp Dodge was again handed over to the federal government; however, this time the post was used only as an induction center for new service members.[4] Camp Dodge has served as a Guard and Reserve installation since the close of WWII.

Grenville M. Dodge

Grenville M. Dodge  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The name Camp Dodge comes from Brigadier General Grenville M. Dodge, who organized Iowa’s first National Guard unit in 1856.[5] Although not a native-born Iowan, he became a well-known figure and resided within the state for most of his adult life. He is considered a War hero for his service and also served a term as a U.S. Congressman representing the state.

Along with the numerous National Guard units located at Camp Dodge, the post is also home to the National Maintenance Training Center, Joint Forces Headquarters, Iowa’s emergency operations center, and the State Police academy.

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